PFS Studio

Haikou Eco-City

Haikou City, China

The Hainan Eco City Master plan lays out the future for a 53 Sq. KM site, located nearby the city of Haikou on Hainan Island in the South China Sea. The plan was informed by a strong economic strategy provided by the RSC client group. This strategy, in the fullness of time, is intended to provide employment within a diverse range of industries for upwards of 200,000 people. Led by PFS Studio, the plan remains true to the initial planning principles, incorporates a thoughtful programming mix of work- live- play and strikes a perfect balance between environmental and project development objectives. The Hainan Eco City Plan has been strongly supported by various government agencies and a peer review committee made up of esteemed academics and professionals within China. When this development is realized it is expected to be considered as a model for the significant urban growth which has become necessary and inevitable given the transitional nature of a young, educated and talented work force coupled with the demographic shifts occurring in China today. The heavy pressures placed on the core components of an already fragile environment demand such an approach to new city building.

In the end this plan will clearly signal a shift in thinking from "development at any cost" to "measured and ecologically intelligent solutions" in order to deliver diverse, vibrant and healthy new communities within Hainan as well as other regions of China well into the foreseeable future.